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New YMCA Gym Fitness Advisor Catherine gets people moving again after lockdown

The latest addition to our YMCA Gym team is Catherine Sweetman, who is on a mission to get people moving again after lockdown – and lifting heavy things!

Newly arrived in Nottingham, you may have seen Catherine cycling around, discovering and enjoying all the great sights this fabulous city has to offer.

‘Strength and muscle building’

Catherine is also delighted to settle into her new role as Fitness Advisor at YMCA Gym, getting to know her colleagues and supporting gym members with their various fitness needs. Playing a lot of sports at University kickstarted Catherine’s interest in fitness.

Catherine explained: “I worked closely with the University’s Powerlifting society for two years, acting as club secretary which included programme planning for members. I really enjoyed creating the strength and muscle building programmes and helping members prep for competition.

“After graduation I spent some time as a lifeguard but knew I wanted to pursue a career in fitness and so acquired the relevant qualifications I needed to become an instructor and personal trainer – and haven’t looked back!”

Building back fitter after lockdown

During the pandemic and with the various lockdowns impacting gyms across the country, Catherine transitioned to delivering much-needed programmes online.

“The lockdowns had a very real impact on so many people’s physical fitness and mental wellbeing,’ said Catherine. “Everyone’s movement was restricted – not going out, working from home in makeshift offices and at kitchen tables or being furloughed and stuck indoors day in, day out. It has all taken its toll because we were not moving around as we would naturally do. So, I started delivering virtual fitness boot camps with a real focus on mobility and simple but effective bodyweight exercises.”

Catherine-Sweetman-ymca-gym-fitness-advisor-womenIt’s her natural love of exercise and helping people which inspires Catherine in her new role as Fitness Advisor at YMCA Gym. “I love helping people progress with their individual fitness goals,” she added. “You can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise in my opinion, and I find it enjoyable to work out exactly what exercises each person needs to reach their aspired goal – whatever that may be.”

Daily movement keeps you healthy

Aside from her cycling adventures exploring the city, Catherine is also very creative, loves to spend time drawing and also has a pet rabbit called Winston. She believes moving daily is important to the longevity of good health and has a lot of experience with strength and muscle building programs, particularly with regards to building a strong and stable squat, bench, and deadlift.

“I am a huge advocate of using correct form and technique to get the most out of a workout as possible, particularly when using weights,” she said. “So, if you have any questions about correct lifting technique, please don’t be shy to ask for my advice – I am more than happy to help!”

If you’d like to make an appointment with Catherine to design a free one-to-one training programme*, email for more information – or stop by the gym reception on your next visit!

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*available with all active YMCA Gym memberships.