YMCA Robin Hood Group at Nottinghamshire's annual Pride event 2022

3 Aug 2022

Celebrating inclusivity and diversity at Nottinghamshire Pride 2022

YMCA Robin Hood Group at Nottinghamshire's annual Pride event 2022

28 Jul 2022

Vote today! Two incredible young people making a difference to lives in Nottinghamshire

Two incredible young people from Nottinghamshire's YMCA Robin Hood Group nominated for YMCA Youth Matters Awards 2022


24 Jun 2022

History of NGY Project and YMCA Zine

YMCA young people take part in the History of NGY project, exploring the building's heritage and place within Nottingham's rich…

21 Jun 2022

Anniversary celebration for Nottingham Street Pastors

Nottingham Street Pastors celebrate twelfth anniversary at Malt Cross.

Real Bread UK grain Lab Malt Cross Nottingham

28 Apr 2022

Free events with UK Grain Lab and Real Bread Campaign at Nottingham’s iconic Malt Cross

Free events for everyone with the Real Bread Campaign and UK Grain Lab at the iconic Malt Cross, Nottingham

Nottingham Job Fair Malt Cross February 2022

16 Feb 2022

YMCA Jobs Fair: Working with Children and Young People

We are recruiting! Are you looking for a new job or career path? Come along to our YMCA Jobs Fair…

23 Dec 2020

Keeping fit, happy and healthy over the Christmas holidays with YMCA Gym

Nottinghamshire YMCA Gym Duty Manager Emma Sleight shares her tips on having a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year

steam ymca childcare

13 Aug 2020

STEAM at YMCA Childcare: Why do we do it?

Find out why STEAM learning at YMCA Childcare can capture the imagination and interest of children and helps them see…


21 Apr 2020

Join the 2.6 Challenge and fundraise for our YMCA!

Take part in our 2.6 home challenge fundraiser on Sunday 26 April - day of 40th London Marathon - to…