Multiple Complex Needs Service

(Mansfield and Ashfield)

In partnership with Ashfield District Council and Mansfield District Council, YMCA Greater Nottingham is pleased to introduce the charity’s latest service designed to provide intensive support to homeless individuals across the region.

Supporting homeless individuals to overcome complex challenges

Launched in March 2020, this project features 40 beds in the Mansfield and Ashfield areas and has so far received 108 referrals from both local authorities for individuals who may have fallen through the gaps between services. Working with people with complex life challenges poses a number of requirements and we are committed to ensuring that our services are responsive to their needs.

Our complex needs services in action

“We understand how people with multiple and complex needs may experience several overlapping problems at the same time, such as mental ill health, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, offending and family breakdown,” explained Sandra Young, Housing Development Manager for YMCA Greater Nottingham’s provisions in Mansfield.

“Our project provides intensive one-to-one interventions to support individuals whilst simultaneously working with a network of local service providers.

“The project also benefits from having a trained Informed Trauma Support Counsellor whose role is to deliver tailored support for YMCA residents and support staff to work more effectively with people who have experienced complex trauma.

“This position furthermore empowers the YMCA to create a therapeutic service environment that aids client recovery and wellbeing. A strong emphasis is placed on addressing psychological and emotional needs whilst empowering people to break cycles of damaging behaviour.”

Understanding our demographics

Out of the 108 referrals received in the project’s first quarter, only 12% were female and 88% were males. This reflects the Homeless Link statistics for the East Midlands region. 

The most common age of referrals are homeless people aged between 25-35 years old at 38%. The least common bracket are those under 25 years old. However, this is a complex needs project so this breakdown reflects people who have exhausted other accommodation options and experienced homeless due to not meeting the criteria of housing providers; possible reasons for this may include debt or anti-social behaviour, among other reasons.


Activities from our first quarter

Resident activities have so far included everything from wellbeing walks at Titchfield Park, in Hucknall, to meals out and bonding over coffee and cakes at a local Costa.

YMCA Multiple Complex Needs Link Worker, Dawn Jennings, said: ”We had a wonderful lunchtime group outing to KFC and a wellbeing walk around Titchfield Park.

“The guys really enjoyed it and can’t wait to do something similar again. We had a real laugh on the exercise equipment in the park. The trip also reinforced to me how much we take eating out for granted and how extra special it was for our residents.”