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What is CrossFit?

As a sport of commitment, CrossFit is a global community of affiliates and athletes of all levels and abilities who perform varied functional movements at high intensity to reach and exceed personal fitness goals.

Named after the year Nottinghamshire YMCA was founded, CrossFit 1871 is the first affiliate in the UK run by YMCA Coaches at our charity’s gym in Nottingham city centre. Our programme is planned by experienced coaches who have developed a highly effective training scheme with strength and conditioning at its heart.   |    CrossFit Games

What does it involve?

The Crossfit 1871 membership package includes all the features of YMCA gym’s core membership, plus access to our CrossFit classes, our penthouse training ‘box’ and specialist personal trainers.

After completing an induction ‘Fundamentals course’, members of this package can enjoy working out using specialist equipment in the CrossFit ‘Open Gym’, and get stuck into our ‘Workout of the Day’ sessions.

Who can do CrossFit?

CrossFit really is for everyone, regardless of your ability! Our aim is to be welcoming and effective for all, and it is usual for our fittest athletes to be working out with people new to the programme, members with chronic health problems or restricted mobility.

Each workout is different; planned ahead of your session to be scaled for any ability, regardless of whether your goal is to compete professionally or climb the stairs without needing to stop for a rest – no one gets left behind!

CrossFit - Nathaniel - Nottingham YMCA

Learn more about CrossFit movements, routines and goals in this great video.

Remember to book your Fundamentals Course with our gym team before you get started!

Our Workouts

All group classes are temporarily suspended

The focus of CrossFit 1871 is the ‘Workout of the Day’ (WODs). Each workout is designed to be challenging and you will be guided through the session by a specialist trainer who will provide support and explain points of performance.

Open gym: When WOD classes are not in session, CrossFit 1871 members can use the ‘box’ to workout at your own pace. This is a great chance to perfect technique, practice movements and work on weaknesses.

Workout of the Day:

  • Sessions usually last an hour
  • Unrivalled team atmosphere
  • All equipment is provided
  • Purpose built fitness space featuring hi-spec equipment

View previous WODs over on our gym blog

CrossFit - Liz Robertson heavy weights

Our WOD programme is planned over months and each workout is designed with a specific intention. Every week, our coaches deliver a structured combination of CrossFit activities which promote strength and conditioning.

Coaches will guide you through correct form, approach and points of performance safely. You won’t just become fitter; you will learn technique, grow your potential and share all of this with a community that makes you feel right at home. Creating a supportive environment, we all stay on the floor until the last person finishes as we are all on the same team.

Each workout is scaled to serve the requirements of members at every fitness level. Our community wouldn’t be what it is unless a professional athlete and a beginner can work out together and have a positive gym experience.

View our workout schedule

CrossFit - Nathaniel high bars

Physical skills and benefits


If your goal is optimum physical competence then all the general physical skills must be considered: 


Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance: Body systems gather, process and deliver oxygen

Stamina: Ability of body systems to process, store and utilise energy

Strength: Ability of muscular units to apply force

Flexibility: Maximise the range of motion at a given joint

Power: Ability of muscular units to apply maximum force in minimum time

Speed: Minimise the time cycle of a repeated movement

Coordination: Combine several movement patterns into a singular distinct movement

Agility: Minimise transition time from one movement pattern to another

Balance: Control placement of the body’s centre of gravity in relation to its support base

Accuracy: Control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity

(Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)

CrossFit - Nathaniel pulling - Nottingham YMCA
Taster sessions temporarily suspended

Book a free taster session

Try before you buy! Taster sessions are delivered at 6pm every Monday. This free class gives you the chance to meet the YMCA coaches who will lead you through a typical CrossFit 1871 session. It’s a great way to find out what this membership is all about!

Guest visits temporarily suspended

Just visiting?

Members of other CrossFit gyms are very welcome to pay a one-off ‘drop in’ fee to use our CrossFit 1871 box and facilities (excluding WODs) at £10 per session.

Please email for further information.

Fundamentals Course – CrossFit 1871 induction

Who can attend?

All new CrossFit 1871 members must complete an induction Fundamentals Course before using our facilities to ensure safe use of the equipment.

The course is free for Crossfit 1871 members. Non-members are welcome to pay and complete the fundamentals course with no obligation to join afterwards – please contact our reception team and someone will arrange this with you.

What is involved

The fundamentals course is spread across four one-hour sessions that must be completed within 30 days of becoming a CrossFit 1871 member. Sessions will be arranged directly with a coach once signed up. On completion of the fundamentals course, members will be able to train in the ‘open gym’ attend the coached ‘Workout of the Day’ (WOD) programmes, which are sessions created and delivered by our trained coaches.

The course will guide you through movements and skills you are likely to encounter during CrossFit 1871 sessions. You will find out how to get the most out of each workout, with drills in weightlifting, gymnastics and plyometric movements. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and we will show you scales, progressions and movement standards. Plus we will introduce you to our community ethos – no one gets left behind.


Please note some of our services and classes are temporarily suspended. To review our opening times, current equipment for use and how to book a session, visit our dedicated GymSafe page.

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