Notice to YMCA Gym & CrossFit Members – COVID-19 Update

Following queries from gym members, we would like to confirm that YMCA Gym will remain open for the present time and to reassure our members that safeguarding your health and wellbeing remains our absolute top priority.

To minimise group gatherings and ensure the safety of our members and gym staff, all timetabled group classes taking place in the main fitness and spin studios are cancelled with immediate effect. We are currently looking to increase our outdoor activities and exploring the introduction of temporary online classes you can follow at home to help maintain your current fitness routine. More information on this will follow.

For our CrossFit members, we will be reducing the number of spaces available in each class to eight and introducing extra classes at 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday. All WODs will continue to be published online daily and in some cases, adapted with additional content so you can still follow a workout outside the CrossFit Box.

Please be aware, at times throughout the week we will be operating with a reduction to our regular reception service due to staff availability. During these times the main gym doors will remain closed. However, you will still be able to access the gym as usual via the hostel reception.

Decisions regarding the continuation of our services are not being taken lightly, and we are vigilantly monitoring all government advice and guidelines issued by Public Health England to ensure the best course of action is being taken at every turn to protect our members and staff.

We appreciate your membership as it helps those in the community who require support, and to this end we are committing £10 of your monthly membership to provide meals for vulnerable individuals who cannot get out due to self-isolation. Aligned to this, we are appealing for members to become community volunteers to help deliver these meals on behalf of YMCA in the local community. Please email for details.