Two Months In – How Are Those New Year Resolutions Working Out?

Did you know, if you Google ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ you get over 24 million results!
What’s the point in waiting all year to decide on one or two things you want to stop doing?
Resolutions don’t work for everyone for 3 reasons:

1.  They’re all about what you think you should do.

Stop smoking?  Start exercising?  Eat healthily? More work/life balance? These all sound good, but typically a resolution is based on what you think you should be doing, rather than what you really want to be doing. Forget about what you or other people think you ought to be doing and look at what you really want.

2.  There’s little motivation or commitment.

Over a third of resolutions don’t make it past January and over three quarters are abandoned soon after. The reason? No commitment. The problem is that often you’re taking something that doesn’t mean anything to you and trying to make it happen.

3.  The timing’s all wrong.

Not only are you coming off the back of Christmas and getting back to reality, but you see the whole of the year stretching ahead and summer’s six months away. It’s not exactly inspiring. Why wait for one particular day to make a decision, when there are 364 other equally great decision-making days available to you?

Forget about making New Year’s Resolutions.

Living a full life isn’t about making some half-hearted decisions that don’t really mean anything. That’s not what truly confident people do.

Instead, make confident choices based on what really matters to you, and COMMIT.

By Dan Hibbert, posted on 8th March 2018