Nottingham CrossFit classes at YMCA Gym

New specialist classes to help further improve your fitness

We are excited to announce a range of specialist classes have been added to the CrossFit 1871 timetable.

Our CrossFit programme is designed to develop well rounded fitness for both performance and health. These new classes have been introduced to allow us to support our members by providing time to focus on any weaknesses and areas of improvement.

View the the full CrossFit class schedule here including daily WODs, Open Gym and the Friday Barbell Club. Plus new lunchtime classes on Monday and Friday!

Mondays – CrossFit Strong

Taking its influence from the sport of strongman, CrossFit Strong is all about building strength in unconventional ways. Expect to use equipment we don’t usually incorporate into our daily CrossFit classes such as sand bags, sledges, the hex bar and fat gripz.

Tuesdays – CrossFit Engine

Build a bigger engine! A 45 minute, cardio focused workout aimed at improving conditioning and capacity. This is guaranteed to make you sweat!


Wednesdays – Gymnastic Skills

30 minutes with a coach helping you work on your individual gymnastic weaknesses. We will provide you with useful drills and tips to build towards the gymnastic skills needed in CrossFit. Whether its developing a strong foundation with the basics such as pull and push ups, or working on more advanced skills like handstand push ups, toes to bar and muscle ups – we are here to help!


Team WOD – Team or pair based workout for you to enjoy with other members of our great 1871 community.
Train with Coach – An hour session where you have the opportunity to work out with your coach!