Four steps to a winning mindset

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, maybe the most important thing isn’t your schedule or diet or even training; maybe it’s the way you think about fitness. To have a winning mindset you have to open up and welcome new opportunities to learn. You need to think positively and actually enjoy what you do, no matter how hardcore and gruelling 50 burpees may seem!

Here are our four ways to start unlocking a winning mindset:

  • Get inspired. We all need things and people to inspire us to achieve our goals. With inspiration comes passion, and that passion will drive you to push yourself further than you ever thought you were capable of. Whether it’s a famous athlete, your coach, or a friend you work out with, find a source of inspiration! Without something to aspire to, it’s easy to lose sight of why we try in the first place, especially when we hit a plateau.
  • Adjust your routine. CrossFit is about becoming part of a fitness community. Finding a way to fit the workouts into your daily routine without pushing yourself too much is super important. Your mind and your body are in tune with one another and staying physically fit can keep you mentally sharp. Staying fit keeps your mind alert while keeping your body ready to handle the pressures from work and home.
  • Go for it!! You have your passion, now it’s time to go into every session with enthusiasm, even on days when it seems like a chore. If you approach your workouts with a smile and willingness to try a challenge, you will get more out of them. Push yourself, encourage others, and celebrate your victories together. If you try your best to be a ray of sunshine in every session, you will have so much more fun, we guarantee it.
  • Focus on the good things. It’s important to focus on the things you have done well and the things you have achieved, rather than on the times where you didn’t quite make it. It’s all part of learning so don’t dwell on it. Each little achievement is a step towards your goals and a fitter, happier you. So take the time to celebrate your successes, acknowledge how far you have come, and share your wins with your friends so that you can grow together.

A winning mindset is about your willingness to learn. It’s about celebrating the little things. It’s about recognising the good in yourself and in others. Above all, it’s about trying the best that you can and overcoming self-doubt. #realgymlife