1871 Strong CrossFit Nottingham YMCA

1871 STRONG for CrossFit

Do you want to get Fitter, Faster, Stronger?

Do you want to crush the WOD Time Caps?

If so, 1871 STRONG for CrossFit is for you!

Starting Tuesday 11th February our eight week course will help you to maximise your strength, speed and power gains.

You will be supplied with 30/40minutes of additional content daily to compliment our regular 6 day training class programme. Plus an optional coached session on Tuesday evenings 7-8pm to help refine your lifting technique and improve efficiency in some of the movements covered.

A prerequisite is that you must have a basic understanding of the Olympic Weightlifting movements to participate.

Price: £80 for CrossFit 1871 Members/ £100 for YMCA gym members

Places are limited so secure yours now 👇

CrossFit members use code: 1871

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Q: What if I can’t commit to training 6 days a week?
A: That is fine, the increase in training volume for the days that you can commit will definitely give you benefits.

Q: What if I really want to do the course but I am time restricted?
A: I am aware some of you have busy lives so for days where lack of time is an issue, I would suggest filtering out WOD2 of our class programming and replacing it with the Strong WOD. Class WOD1 & Strong WODs are the most important elements to benefit from this course.

Q: Can I do more training on top of all this?
A: No. The course runs in conjunction with all of our class WODs; this is to ensure that we aren’t over training a group of muscles which will increase our risk of injury. Also, some of these Strong WODs will be intense, so we need to make sure the right muscles have recovered well for the session ahead if we plan to hit them hard.