jade and dan at YMCA gym


This is the third week of the second block and will be the last week before a deload week next week. We will be doing 5 sets with your 5th set being as many as possible.

Remember to bring your notebook to record your weights that you lifted and how many reps you managed to do on your last set.

This week we are working at 85% of your 1rm no more no less.

monday 17


squat 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3 mins rest)

shoulder press 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3 mins rest)

tri-set: 5 sets

pull ups x5 / split squats x5el / deadbugs x12


row 250m x5 60s rest between set

tuesday 18

10 min EMOM

3 Overhead squats

For time.

20 cal row/ 30 kettlebell swings/ 400m run/ 50 hollow rocks/ 400m run/ 30 kettlebell swings/ 20 cal row

wednesday 19


clean or snatch 5×3 (2-3 mins rest)

deadlift 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3 mins rest)

triset: 5 sets

ring dips x5 / hip thrusts x10 / plank 30s


run 400m x5 60s rest between sets

thursday 20



10 min EMOM

3 burpees every minute. Max reps of snatches in the remaining time.

friday 21


squats 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3mins rest)

bench press 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3mins rest)

triset: 5 sets

pull ups x5 / walking lunges x20 / ab role outs x6


bike 500m x5 60s rest between sets

saturday 22

In pairs

5 x 250m farmer carry each/ partner holds plank

In pairs for 30 minutes


5 pullups/ 10 push ups/ 15 air squats

sunday 23

session to be decided by coach