What's Included

Amy Oakes is the head of the YMCA Adventure Guides programme. Join Adventure Guides and you'll get access to everything you need have a great time and some unforgettable experiences. Here is a breakdown of what to expect:

Circle meetings

The core of the Adventure Guides programme. Regular meetings with your circle of dads, and sons and daughters.

Circle activities

Crafts, games, outdoor trips, camping, storytelling and more...

Craft projects

Creativity, and pride. What will you make?


Play with group. Fun, fun, fun!

Camping and museum sleepovers

Sleep under the stars or spend a night in the museum

Member led

Every activity and circle decision is made my the group

Family and community bonds

Strengthen bonds with your child, and friendships in your community

Support materials and resources

Ideas for activities, planning calenders, sign up forms, stories, songs, and more...

Help setting up your circle

We'll guide you through the process and help you to sign people up

Advice and support

Whether it's planning a trip, or help with and activity - we're on hand to help


Expeditions are our signature trips - where all the circles can get together for an experience like no other!

Opportunities for funding

Funding is currently available in for circles in Aspley, Hucknall, Chillwell and Arnold.
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